Wenger Out: What next for Arsene…


With the world wondering when will Arsene Wenger retire, we started wondering what could be next for the legendary French manager.

A man with as much drive as Monsieur Wenger is unlikely to ever sit back in his garden and watch the flowers grow, so what could he do to keep himself active and continue to play an important part in society? Here’s what we think Arsene could get up to next:


Call it wishful thinking, but we’d love to see Arsene Wenger learn himself a new trade. After all, even at 67, it’s never too late to learn something new. And considering, even after a stellar 21-year career at Arsenal, many people still know him best for struggling with his long winter jackets zip, we think he should make amends by training to become a zip-maker.


Let’s face it – if there’s one job in the world Arsene Wenger could walk right into, it’s this one. He has all the credentials and experience already. Counting the pennies? Check. Ability to cope under intense pressure? Check. Make sure that the business finishes in profit each year? Check. All the skills are there on his CV.

Celebrity Show Constant

Arsene has been known for his survival talents over the past 21 years – especially the last 10 years. Famously, he banned ketchup from the Arsenal restaurant for the players and introduce a more healthy regime.  So no issue with eating beans and rice.   The bugs and critters though….urgh!

Not to sure he’d be to good with the other celebs either– the introduction of Sir Alex or Jose might get the Frenchman to shout ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’.

Professional dancer

While he’s noted more for his frantic sprints to remonstrate with officials, Arsene has been seen to bust the odd move in the name of celebration. To date, his grooves have definitely been of the ‘Alan Partridge-esque’ variety, there may well be no stopping the 67-year-old. Does a new-found career strutting his stuff with street dance act Diversity beckon?

Do you have a better suggestion for what Arsene Wenger should do? Let us know in the comments – just keep it reasonably clean please!

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