About NGTC Group

Part of the NGTC Group, NGTC Recruitment is the number 1 job site, specialising in the recruitment of ‘Stadium Event and Hospitality staff’.

Based in Greater Manchester but with a national coverage we continue to offer a personalised, local service in over 28 geographical locations across England as we look to change the lives of people of all ages through our work with employers and jobseekers helping these people to find a pathway into the career of their dreams.

Founded by Michael Needham in 2008, NGTC Group places a huge emphasis on employing high-quality, industry-experienced staff which means that we are able to deliver outstanding experience  with a focus on providing industry led skills and experience.

Our dedicated Employer Engagement executives work closely with our partnering employers to understand the requirements of their business and help them to select the best possible candidate to suit their needs. This is part of a free ‘match and fill’ recruitment service that we offer our partner employers.

As specialists in the delivery of Apprenticeships we understand the challenges that small and medium sized companies face in sourcing, recruiting, training and retaining people. We work with our employers to make sure that Apprentices have an immediate impact on their businesses and will form their pipeline of future talent.

NGTC Recruitment is part of NGTC Group which is consists of five divisions.


NGTC Recruitment supplies the online platform for employers to recruit their future workforce in the Stadium Events and Hospitality sector:

  • Advertise partner employers job vacancies
  • Offer free recruitment support service for our partners
  • Create database of skilled jobseekers for the industry
  • Provide ‘NGTC Match day Experience’ training packages to all people prior to their deployment
  • Tracking of learner destination and ability to redeploy, if required.
  • Match and fill service
  • Focus on providing jobs for all age groups, and growing their skills and capabilities.


NGTC Training aims to meet the training needs of the Stadium Events and Hospitality sector by:

  • Deliver training programmes which prepare people for work in the Stadium Events and Hospitality sector using all the different sources of revenue.
  • Apprenticeship (Levy/Non-Levy)
  • Traineeships
  • Adult Education Budget
  • ESF
  • CPD Courses
  • Greater selection apprenticeship product portfolio to support the growth of the sector.
  • Supporting unemployed people through the transition from unemployment into labour market and beyond.
  • Working with leading employers to ensure that world-class standards are attained.


NGTC Education raises awareness of school and college students so that they recognise the attractive career opportunities available within the Stadium Events and Hospitality sector by:

  • Develop innovative curriculum and ‘fit-for-purpose’ learning programmes aimed at school students.
  • Delivering a range of learning programmes to help boost the aspirations of young people and engage their parents.
  • Providing work experience opportunities to college students that contribute to the delivery of the national curriculum.
  • Working with leading employers to ensure that world-class standards are attained.


NGTC Consultancy supplies managed service provision (MSP) tailored to meet the needs of individual Stadium Events and Hospitality companies. This enables the business concerned to focus, innovate and grow by concentrating on their core business operations. We can:

  • Complete training needs analysis to future proof staff
  • Apprenticeship Levy Managed Services
  • Support company with audit requirements and supply a nominated representative
  • ISO9001
  • ACS (Approved Contractor Scheme)
  • SIA
  • Identify staff with the appropriate skills, capabilities and attitudes to become work-based assessors
  • Support with all non-regulated training requirements
  • Audit on the company’s behalf with routine reporting of performance & compliance


NGTC E-Learning has a strategic partnership with the Virtual College to offer E-Learning.  Virtual College is one of the UK’s leading providers of online learning and was recently voted ‘E-Learning Development Company of the year’ at the learning technologies award:

  • Support Apprenticeship delivery with online learning
  • Compliance Training
  • Health & Safety
  • Food Hygiene
  • Safeguarding
  • 24/7 Training